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TopicPremium - Online Only
W20-USPSOL Premium Subscription - 12 Months - 19 Newbyte products below.
(Discounts apply for small schools.) Valid for 1 year. Online access only.
current $999      N/A     
TopicBiology - Online Only
W20-USBIO Biology Subscription - 12 Months - 12 Newbyte products below.
(Discounts apply for small schools.) Valid for 1 year. Online access only.
current $699      N/A     
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If you already have the latest Site License or Online Discount Voucher you can get discounted whole school Online Access.
Upgrades to Online Discount Vochers are available,
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Newbyte Software 
1 Year
2 Years
Online 1 year One Off SL Fee
W21-US30Arid Adaptation - Plants 1$49$83$24$149
W21-US01Drosophila Genetics Lab7$149$249$49$499
W21-US02Pea Plants Genetics Lab7$99$169$39$299
W21-US19 DNA Lab 4$149$249$49n/a
W21-US05Enzyme Lab 7$119$199$44n/a
W21-USU28FEvolution 4$149$249$49n/a
W21-US14Food Webs - Australian Woodlands 4$99$169$39$299
W21-US29Food Webs - British Woodlands 2$99$169$39n/a
W21-US16Food Webs - Ponds 1n/an/an/a$299
W21-US03Rocky Shore Ecology Lab 6$99$169$39n/a
W21-US079Natural Selection Series (all 3 below)411018749n/a
W21-US10   Natural Selection: Beetles 4$44$74$19n/a
W21-US09   Natural Selection: Frogs 4$44$74$19n/a
W21-US08   Natural Selection: Peppered Moths 4$44$74$19n/a
W21-US04Acid/Base Titrations Lab 5$99$169$39n/a
W21-US18Electrochemical Cells Lab 2$99$169$39n/a
W21-US05Enzyme Lab 7$119$199$44n/a
W21-US15Gas Equilibrium Lab 3$99$169$39n/a
W21-US17Haber Process Lab 3$99$169$39n/a
W21-US21Sulfuric Acid Production 1n/an/an/a$299
W21-US109Radioactivity Series (all 3 below)3$119$199$66n/a
W21-US13   Radioactivity - Alpha Scattering Lab 3$49$83$24n/a
W21-US12   Radioactivity - Distance Lab 3$49$83$24n/a
W21-US11   Radioactivity - Penetration Lab 3$49$83$24n/a