Enzyme Lab

An Exceptional Experimental Simulation that fits well into both the Biology and Chemistry Study Areas.


Enzyme Lab is designed for use with students at the level of senior high school and older. This simulation develops skills in applying the scientific method to investigations as well as ensuring a clear understanding of enzyme kinetics through interactive experimentation and visualisation of enzyme action in vitro.


  • Competitive and Noncompetitive Inhibitors.
  • 3 Zoom levels to visualize enzyme interactions.
  • Series Lab - conduct up to 101 experiments simultaneously

This software contains two primary areas:

  1. Research Lab - Encourages the use of scientific method and experimental design and discovery learning. This area of the software enables you to change: The Enzymes, Substrate, Product examined, Temperature, pH, Enzyme Concentration, Substrate Concentration and to add both Competitive and Noncompetitive Inhibitors.

  2. Series Lab - Enables your students to observe and analyse enzyme behaviour while only one condition is being changed. The effects of pH, Temperature, Enzyme concentration and Substrate concentration variation and the effects of various inhibitors are easily demonstrated. Conduct up to 101 simultaneous experiments.

Enzymes studied include:
  • Pepsin
  • Trypsin
  • Catalase
  • Amylases
  • Maltase
  • Lipases

Enzyme Lab encourages the use of scientific method, experimental design and discovery learning.

This package also features an extensive manual of blackline masters which include:

Classroom studies such as:
  • Enzymes as Catalysts
  • Enzyme Structure
  • Enzyme Action
  • Factors Affecting Enzyme Action
  • Practical Uses for Enzymes
  • Enzyme Nomenclature

Computer simulation experiments:
  • Enzymes and their Products
  • Optimal Temperature of Enzymes
  • Optimal pH of Different Enzymes
  • Activity of Catalase
  • Human Amylase and Temperature Variation
  • Temperature Variation and Enzymes
  • pH and Enzymes Activity
  • Enzyme Concentration
  • Substrate Concentration

Visualise Enzyme Action.
Zoom 1 level of visualisation for catalase and hydrogen peroxide.
Click to enlarge.
Available Online for: Browsers
on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Android and iPads.


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