Electrochemical Cells Lab

Electrochemical cells in seconds!


Electrochemical Cells Lab has a simple, yet powerful design which allows you to select from thousands of possible cell variations. Half cell reactions are provided, making it easy for students to understand.

This versatile simulation can saves both teachers and students a significant amount of time and effort in the classroom by enabling entire series of experiments to be conducted, without the need to set up any equipment, while still providing you with realistic data results.

This software encourages and demonstrates use of the scientific method, experimental design and discovery learning.


Change your electrode, salt, salt concentration and temperature at the touch of a button.

Simple yet powerful screen layout lets you select thousands of cell variations.

Unknown electrodes enable your students to investigate the relative activity of unknown metals and even determine their E° values.

Export or Print data files and experiments.

Print cell layout or entire screen.

Experiments are available in pdf format in the Worksheets folder.

Blackline masters include experiments on:
  • Observing an Electrochemical Cell
  • Activity Series of Some Metals
  • Standard Half-Cell Potentials
  • Predicting Cell Potentials
  • The Effect of Concentration on Cell Potentials
  • Concentration Cells
  • The Effect of Temperature on Cell Potentials

Create your own custom experiments which will appear within the program.

Options allow the teacher to personalise the display detail and select from:
  • Display half-cell & overall equations
  • Electron flow Voltage
  • Anion and Cation movement Anode and Cathode
  • Oxidation and Reduction site E° for each half-cell
  • E for each half-cell
  • Electrode decay/deposits
Options Control Displayed Information.
Various information can be displayed about the half-cells, including how to balance the half-cell reactions.
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Available Online for: Browsers
on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Android and iPads.


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