Sulfuric Acid Production Lab

An excellent step-by-step simulation of the industrial processes of sulfuric acid production.


Sulfuric Acid Production Lab is an excellent industrial process simulation, to aid students in developing a strong understanding of the Contact Process.

This extensive package fits well into both junior and senior science and industrial chemistry study areas.


Interactive Sulfuric Acid plant model.

Close up views of catalyst interactions.

This software contains a detailed interactive simulation, to aid students in their understanding of this complex process.


The catalyst section shown above allows students to investigate the molecular interactions while still controlling the processes.

Discover why extra oxygen is used.

The effect of temperature on the catalyst.

In the model your students can examine:
  • The path of the gases.
  • Reactions involved in the process.
  • The contact process and the effect of different catalysts.
  • Effect of gas concentrations, pressure and temperature.

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  • Relative Amounts of Reactants II
  • The Effect of Catalysts
  • The Effect of Flow Rate on Catalysts
  • Effect of Pressure
  • Effect of Temperature
  • Economic Conditions

Control the Production Process.
Control physical conditions in the reaction chamber to obtain the best production at the lowest cost and pollution level.
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