Radioactivity - Alpha Scattering Lab

Makes a difficult group of experiments quick, easy and accessible to your students.


The Radioactivity series of experimental simulations allows you to involve your students in simple and detailed experiments using safe materials.

Radioactivity - Alpha Scattering Lab is a very interactive way to allow your students to discover the characteristics of alpha particle radiation and how it was used by Rutherford and others to determine the structure of the atom and the interconnection between back scatter, particle energy, target atomic number and target thickness.


The simulation is intended to represent a piece of apparatus which can be used to explore the scattering phenomenon both qualitatively and quantitatively.

This package features a manual which includes 4 experiments as blackline masters:
  • Alpha Particle Scattering
  • Alpha Particle Scattering and Metal Thickness
  • Alpha Particle Scattering and Particle Energy
  • Experimental Design
Available Online for: Browsers
on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Android and iPads.


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Visualise and Carryout Realistic Experiments.
In demonstration mode the program displays the moving particles and what happens in slow motion.
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