Food Webs: Australian Woodlands

Investigate the food chains and webs of one of Australia's most common community types.


Construct hundreds of simple or complex food chains and webs using up to 30 available organisms.

Food Webs: Australian Woodlands is ideal for use with both junior and senior science students.


Investigate the influence of introduced species by adding them to a native food web.

The construction of food chains and webs could not be simpler - just drag your selected organism around the screen and drop it in position.

Predator/Prey relationships (links) require only a click on the prey then a click on the predator.

Teacher controlled report options allows you to control:
  • Direct student feedback - Visual reports and Red arrows indicate incorrect links.
  • No visual reports or red arrows - Reports can be printed at end of exercise. Great for testing.

Model simple food chains over 25 years, to investigate predator/prey relationships, using the model system.

Full Web Modeling
  • Up to 30 species can be modelled for 25 years.
  • Change the web easily during modelling to introduce of a new species and change the ecosystem.
  • Control rainfall. Cause droughts or much needed rain.
  • Allow bushfires.
  • Introduce farming into the ecosystem.
  • Animal migration can be turned on or off.
  • Graphs of modelled data include biomass pyramid with consumer levels.
  • View and print seasonal data.
  • Save data as text files which can be loaded into speadsheets etc for later analysis.
  • Change species start numbers for your food web.
  • Your food web and model data can be easily saved.
Construct Food Chains and Webs Easily
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Available Online for: Browsers
on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Android and iPads.


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