Radioactivity - Distance Lab

Carryout realistic experiments in a safe working environment.


The Radioactivity series of experimental simulations allows you to involve your students in simple and detailed experiments using safe materials.

Radioactivity - Distance Lab provides a very interactive way to allow your students to discover the characteristics of alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

During this simulation your students will gain a firsthand understanding of how different types of ionizing radiation behave over distance in air and vacuum.


100 unknown sources, emitting 1 or 2 types of radiation, provide ample scope for experimental design and scientific problem solving.

This package features a manual which includes 4 experiments as blackline masters:
  • Ionizing Radiation and Distance in a Vacuum and Air
  • Ionizing Radiation, Distance and the Inverse Square Law
  • Ionizing Radiation and Distance with Different Sources
  • Experimental Design - (Simple) Identification of Unknown Radioactive Sources
Available Online for: Browsers
on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Android and iPads.


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Visualise and Carryout Realistic Experiments.
Carryout experiments in Experiment mode or in Demostration mode, which allows students to visualise the events.
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