Gas Equilibrium Lab

Equilibrium experiments at your fingertips!


Using NO2 and HI equilibrium reactions your students will easily investigate the physical and chemical factors which influence gas equilibrium.

Designed for use with both junior and senior science students.


17 experiments in the form of blackline masters and saved files.

Experiments can be saved at any stage.

Data can be saved as a text file for later analysis in a spreadsheet.

Graphs show Concentration Curves and Reation Rates.

Reactions can be instantly brought to equilibrium.

Sample flask changes colour in response to NO2 and I2 concentrations.

This versatile simulation allows experimental conditions to be easily changed at any time.

Using a button, slide or text entry your students can change:
  • Gas Concentrations either by moles/L or number of moles.
  • Volume.
  • Pressure.
  • Temperature.
  • Add an inert gas with or without changing the volume.
  • Introduce a CATALYST.

Teacher options allows you to control the type of data collection methods available to your students:
  • Automatics Data Collection at selected intervals.
  • Different types of data to be collected, viewed and printed.
  • Reactions to stop at equilibrium.
  • Reactions to stop at intervals to allow manual data collection.
Observe Concentration Changes.
Control all the physical parameters which influence gas equilibrium.
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on Windows, Macintosh, Chromebooks, Android and iPads.


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