Drosophila Genetics Lab 7

Save months of breeding with this versatile and simple to use software.


This breeding simulation is designed for senior students (16+) and encourages the development of skills in critical thinking and problem solving as well as promoting an understanding of the scientific method. As a teaching tool, Drosophila Genetics Lab can be used in a variety of teaching strategies.


  1. Breeding Simulation Environment
  2. Fly Construction Kit
  3. Interactive on screen Lab Book (New)
    1. Detailed procedures
    2. Interactive counters which save time with firsthand data collection
    3. Interactive Punnett Squares
    4. Questions
    5. Auto-marking of procedure, data collection and questions

Breeding Simulation

Students visually count, categorize and record the individual flies, making this a realistic science experience rather than a secondhand data exercise.

Teachers now have the option to allow the students to use an auto-count system to count up to 10,000 flies in seconds, allowing longer experiments, such as those including the calculation of linkage distances, to be completed quickly.

Student reporting is now an option. Students are required to fill in the number and type of flies they observe before the program allows auto-counting, providing the teacher with a report on the students accuracy while counting.

The interactive auto-marking labs guide students through 22 labs in the areas of:
  1. Single Genes
  2. Double Genes
  3. Test Cross
  4. X-linked Genes
  5. X-linked Incomplete Dominance
  6. Linked Genes Inheritance
  7. Calculation of Linkage Distance
  8. Dominant Genes
  9. Dominant Lethal Genes

Other Features of the Breeding Simulation include:
  • 6 genotype display modes including Vgvg, vg+vg or +vg.
  • Teacher blocking of genotype, XY, linkage and dominant gene display.
  • Unlimited generations.
  • Unlimited flies in each generation.
  • Increased Student involvement in the simulation through physically moving flies to examine them.
  • The ability to hold selected flies and use them as the parents for the next generation.

Fly Construction Kit

The Construction Kit allows both students and teachers to create their own flies for unique breeding experiments. The kit features:
  • 26 mutant genes including lethals.
  • 8 linked genes on each of 3 chromosomes, including the X.
  • Load and save individual or pairs of flies for future experiments.
  • Make a fly and use it as a parent without the need to save the fly.

The Construction Kit has two modes:
  1. Student Mode - Construct homozygous flies with a mutation in up to 9 fly characteristics.
  2. Teacher Mode - Select up to 2 mutant genes per characteristic as homozygous or 1 as heterozygous. Place the mutant gene on either chromosome.

Save each fly with one of 3 genotype display options:
  • Always - Display the genotype of the fly during breeding, provided the teachers has set this as an option.
  • Lock Code - Only displayed after a fly's code word has been entered. Good for classroom problem solving and practical tests.
  • Never - Excellent for school or home based assignments.
Drosophila Labs in minutes.
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