Arid Adaptation - Plants

Can you build a plant which can survive?


Game format encourages critical thinking and problem solving.

Construct a plant which can survive and reproduce in various conditions.
Arid Adaptation - Plants is ideal for use with both junior and senior students.


Students compete with themselves, classmates and the world under a range of conditions from temperate to arid.

Scores can be uploaded to our web site to see how they compare on each game level.

30 game levels ranging from temperate to an extreme arid climate.

Description of each adaptation for easy learning.

12 arid adaptations to aid survival.

Adaptations which help survival include:
  • Small leaves
  • Succulent leaves
  • Thick cuticle
  • Leaf hairs
  • Rollable leaves
  • Stem photosynthesis
  • Stem water storage
  • Spines
  • Sunken stomates
  • Stomata hairs
  • C4 and CAM photosynthesis

Under Arid Conditions
  • Survival becomes a nightmare.
  • Critical thinking and knowledge of adaptations is required.
  • Animals eat moisture-laden plants more often!
  • Root growth patterns must be well thought out.
  • Too many leaves can lead to critical water loss.
  • Too few leaves result in slow growth.
Easy Food Web Construction.
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