Haber Process - Advanced v1 Upgrades

The following files are FREE updates to the latest version of this Software.

Now fully XP, Vista and Windows 7 compatible.

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Haber Process - Advanced 1.20

Click to download.  72KB - you require a Key Code starting with 10017 to use this upgrade.

This Version:  1.20   
Compile Date:  1 March, 2006
Requires at least version:  1.0
Comments:  1.20 - Various Bug Fixes.

Recommend:  Update now.

Optional Balanced Equation for Original Screen

Click to download. 

Description:  In our original screen we did not balance the Haber chemical equation. This was to encourage the students to figure it out for themselves. However, some teachers have asked for the equation to be balanced. So here is the new screen. Just download the graphics file by clicking on it and then save it into the graphics directory of the installed Haber program. This directory should be the program files/newbyte/haber/graphics directory.   

Contact us at support@newbyte.com if:

  • You already have Version 1 and require these free updates when you have a 17-Digit Key Code beginning with 10217.