Focus On Wood Joints

Ideal for learning about wood joints.


An interactive resource to help with the correct selection of Wood Joints in Design & Technology project work and DIY.

Exceptionally clear 3D models of 37 traditional joints and linked information pages, make this program ideal for learning about wood joints and where they should be used in project work.

Produced with the support of leading furniture manufacturer ERCOL, the CD also contains 80 photos of 'real-world' furniture, with close-ups of the joints being used.

Focus on Wood Joints is suitable for use with secondary students ages 11 and older.


Wood Joints-Furniture Projects

The joints are sorted by seven common furniture project areas from chairs to cabinets. Each is supported by informative text and photos and is modeled with a compelling 3D animation. Angle of view, zoom and the opening and closing of these 3D joints are all completely controlled by the student.

Each joint is also rated for ease of manufacture (using hand or machine tools) and for materials suitability.

Built-in Word Processor

A built-in word processor allows students to take notes and create reports (illustrated with 3D diagrams and photos from the CD or their own photos) without leaving the main program. These can then be printed, saved or exported into other leading word-processing programs. There's even a tailor-made spelling check built-in! Interactive 3D animations of every joint Each joint swivels in real-time so it can be viewed from any angle and opened and closed.

SPECIAL OFFER-Knock-down fittings

As an added bonus, a separate program on contemporary knock-down fittings, featuring even more 3D models, is included FREE on this CD. This module is ideal support for students designing for 'flat-pack' and other mass-produced furniture.

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