Focus On Resistant Materials

Includes most of the materials, components and fittings students wish to use.


Designed by UK teachers, Resistant Materials Version 2 builds on the success of the highly acclaimed first program and goes much further.

Database, spreadsheet and word processing applications are combined in one easy to use program that has been expanded to include most of the materials, components and fittings that Design Technology students may wish to use.

Focus on Resistant Materials is suitable for use with secondary students ages 11 and older.


Materials Browser

As materials are selected from the 15-category main index, an on-screen sub-menu allows the user to scroll between materials, viewing information and pictures that can be copied, pasted and used as the basis for meaningful evaluations.

Database Categories

  • Metals, Plastics and Woods
  • Man-made boards
  • Catches, locks & stays
  • Electronic components
  • Handles & knobs
  • Hinges
  • Hooks & eyes
  • Knock-down fittings
  • Nails, nuts, bolts & washers
  • Rivets, screws
  • Miscellaneous

Versatile Search Engine

Narrow down materials selection by specifying requirements by name, keyword or individual properties.

Evaluate Findings

Once research is complete, information can be collated and evaluated using the built-in, fully functional word processor, with advanced spell-checking utility.

Project Costings

Compile detailed cutting lists for entire projects whilst remaining fully aware of projected expenses with the automatically updated costings calculator.

And... Perhaps best of all, the new Database Editor gives staff complete control over content. This easy to use editor allows you to add new materials, update prices and alter existing information to satisfy the requirements of your department. Four integrated program areas will help your students score highly in the Research and ICT skills sections of their project folders

Bedside Cabinet Project
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Online Version

Windows 8/10, Mac, Android & iPad

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