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Pea Plant Genetics Lab v7

             Ideal for junior and senior science.

         Save months of work with this powerful
                   auto-marking package!

    Students count, categorise and record each plant just like
    the real lab, making this a realistic science experience not
    second-hand data exercises.


                                                   discount for
                             Features:               upgrades
    • Breeding Simulation Environment.
    • Labs for mono & dihybrid and test crosses.
    • Plant Construction Kit.
    • Interactive on screen Lab Book (New) includes:
         • Interactive counters which save time.
         • Interactive Punnett Squares.
         • Auto-marking of procedure, data collection and questions.

          Whole School Online access
      $99/yr or $39/yr ex-GST with discount voucher.

        Request a FREE Trial:

     Available for: Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS X, Online and most networks.
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