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Natural Selection v4                        NEW


                                  Why do we need to protect more
                                  than just a few members of any
                                  endangered species?
                                  Investigate the effect of predator
                                  preference on a population of
                                  beetles over time. Observe
                                  changes in genetic diversity of
                                  small and large populations.


                                  Why are Poison Dart Frogs brightly
                                  coloured? Why do mimics survive?
                                  Become the predator in a predator-
                                  prey simulation which lasts up to 20
                                  generations. Observe trends in a
                                  population over time.

     Peppered Moths

                                  Will a changing environment affect
                                  moth appearance in a population?
                                  Become the predator. Observe
                                  trends in a population over time.
                                  This highly-interactive experience
                                  develops appreciation of the
                                  natural selection .

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