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Online access

            at school and home for all your students.

            A must have in these troubling times!

           We are moving all our software online!
    Some of our early online products still have site licenses,
    however all our new versions are online only.

    Existing site license owners with older versions can upgrade to an Online
    Discount Voucher. This one off fee will reduce your yearly subscription
    by about 66%.

    All online packages are HTML5 and so Windows, Mac,
    Chromebook (android) and iPad compatible.

    About us...
    Newbyte provides interactive, stimulating and time saving simulations to
    help you deliver your message.
    100% GUARANTEE! 21-day approval...
    All school orders are automatically on 21-day approval. Try the software,
    and if you are not completely happy, you can decline the purchase
    within 21 days.
    Interactive whiteboard compliant software!

    Software Support... Problems with the software or use?
    Support at:  or  simply call us.

    How to order... Schools may order on 30 day account. Post or
    email a school order form or use our order form.
                  Call for FREE 7 DAY TRIALS
               for any software in this catalog.

                     Newbyte Educational Software
               12 John Street, Dudley  NSW  2290,  Australia
       Email:     Website:

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