Food Webs: Ponds

Investigate the food chains and webs of our most common communities.


Construct hundreds of food chains and webs using up to 45 organisms and then model the populations.

"For biology Newbyte's Food Webs: Ponds is a model of a living ecosystem and a tour de force."
- London Times Educational Supplement - Online, 2005.


Use your own species pictures in the software. Students can replace existing pictures with ones they have taken during their own pond study and even enter their own species into the environment.

Integrate physical data collected about your pond by altering the physical parameters of the environment. The modeling software then works with your own ponds physical data and species.

Additional resources available online - Extra species, pond environments and much more available on the Newbyte website.

Investigate the influence of introduced species and biological control.

Personalise the software by having your school pond as the title or background picture.

Model your food webs for up to 2 years

  • Change the web easily during modeling to allow for the introduction of species and a changing ecosystem.
  • Control levels of: Sewage Pollution, Phosphate, Nitrate, Turbidity and Thermal Pollution.
  • Various graph types including biomass pyramid.
  • Data can be saved as text or printed out for later analysis.
  • Food Webs and modeling data can be easily saved.

Full Environment and Species Editor

The integrated editor allows you to:
  • Edit the physical environment to match your pond.
  • Change existing species.
  • Create new species.
  • Import new species created by others.

Simple to use curves allow vast amounts of data to be easily entered.

A unique predator-prey interface allows you to easily decide what species eat and how important the prey are in their survival.

Changes made directly affect the modeling of your web.

Edit environmental data including yearly:
  • Temperatures
  • Sewage Pollution levels B.O.D.
  • Turbidity Oxygen Levels pH
  • Phosphate levels
  • Nitrate Levels
  • Light Intensity

Edit species data including:
  • Display Diagrams
  • Physical Data
  • Background Information
  • Prey
  • Reproduction, development
  • Survival under different conditions
Easy Food Web Contruction.
Easy construction of food chains and webs.
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Available for:
PC Windows XP, Vista & 7 etc.
Suitable for most networks.
Software supplied on CD or by Download.