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Designed for senior and junior students, this engaging simulation promotes a clear understanding of the effects of genetic drift, mutation, selection and mating preferences on the evolutionary process and their roles in speciation. Many products deal with these ideas separately - this simulation puts them all together.


Highly visual and interactive, this software will captivate your students as each scenario unfolds. While graph and data displays are available, its the visualisation of the evolutionary processes which will keep their interest.

  • Populate islands with single beetles or groups.
  • Control sea level.
  • Cause various disasters.
  • Monitor allele frequencies.
  • Manipulate selection pressures on each island. (module 3 only)


Encourage your students to discover, through experimentation, how population numbers and allele frequency are affected by:
  • isolation
  • migration
  • disasters
  • the founder effect
  • small populations
  • population bottlenecks
  • the Hardy-Weinberg principle
  • inheritance patterns (module 2)
  • mutation rates (module 2)
  • mating preferences (module 3)
  • selection pressures (module 3)

    Evolution can be purchased as a single package, however, the individual modules can also be purchased if required.
    • Module 1: Genetics Diversity is the base module
    • Module 2: Inheritance and Mutation requires module 1
    • Module 3: Selection and Speciation requires modules 1 & 2

    What people say about this program

    "Evolution is one of the very few resources which effectively makes a link between classical genetics, population genetics and evolution. The ability to easily explore the relationships between allele frequencies and population size as random events is brilliant."
    Dr Barry Meatyard, International Consultant, former senior science teacher and teacher trainer, UK

    The program is both sophisticated and intuitive - allowing my students to explore open-ended problems that target key population genetics concepts. I've used various simulations to teach genetics end evolution to high school and college students. This is a nice addition that combines qualitative and quantitative data collection. Well done, Newbyte."
    Eric M. Howe, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Science Education, Assumption College, Massachusetts USA

    "I finally had a few hours to play around with the evolution simulation. And I have to say that I really enjoyed it. It's a great program, with a lot of variety for the students. I don't know of too many products that are similar and similarly accessible. Nice work!"
    David Knuffke, AP Biology teacher, Deer Park, NY USA

    Video Walkthrough
    Cause a disaster bottleneck ranging from total ennihilation to 25% losses.
    Click to enlarge.
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